Arkansas Concealed Weapon Training

Providing concealed weapon and custom firearms training.

Basic Concealed Weapon Class

Join a scheduled class or schedule a class at your location.

Basic CCW class includes:

Avoiding being a victim, home security, shooting fundamentals, legal aspects, tactical considerations in the home, car and in public, use of firearms, Arkasnas CCW  rules and regs, places you can carry.

All necessary paperwork completed in class and attendees will be prepared to submit for their license.

NEW!! Fingerprints completed in class before you leave.

Newly added topics on defending against an active shooter.

 Class length: 5.5







Advanced shooting

Covers fundamentals, movement, cover, reloads, Advanced shootingmalfunctions, barricade,  drills, multiple targets, platform, survival. $125.00 per day or $25.00 per hour.

Custom classes

One on one or with a group. Design a course for your needs. $125.00 per day per person, or $25.00 per hour.

Basic Fundamentals of shooting

1 day $125.00 or $25.00 per hour.


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